Matt Eng

Matt Eng

How to keep notes for mental clarity

Use a physical notebook for memory

I started keeping a log of my interactions in Zoom meetings. This means that I write the date, time, purpose, and who were present in the meeting in the notebook. The physical act of writing helps me remember. I can then go back to the notebook which is in chronological order to help be backtrack conversations and decisions.

Create a shared note or document with your manager

For my 1:1 with my direct manager, I create a document that logs every previous and upcoming session. Before an upcoming session, I copy the notes from the previous session, updates, and questions and paste them for the next session. In my calendar invites, I make sure the link to this not is present.

Here is my physical notebook. I have it next to my computer and make a habit of writing down almost anything that tweaks my brain in a meeting.

UX Operations change log

This is more specific for my role as a Sr. DesignOps Manager. However, if you are a part of managing and in a lot of cases refining UX team processes, I recommend creating a living document that logs those changes.

In mine, I put down things that I have created such as UX Research request form as well as items that I have updated and moved.

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