Matt Eng

Matt Eng

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Need help growing designers and researchers, building creative teams, and nurturing a design centered culture?

I have over ten years experience in DesignOps, product design, and research working with startups, agencies, and enterprise teams to help them find thoughtful solutions for complex problems.

2020 - Present

DesignOps Manager • Genesys

Built a DesignOps practice that helped to support a UX team which grew from 18 to 50+. Streamlined hiring, onboarding, and tools management. Partnered with PM and DEV partners to integrate UX processes into their existing workflows.

2019 – 2020

Senior Design Lead • IBM Security

Lead a team to research, design, and test a release for the Guardium portfolio

2018 – 2019

Research Team Lead • IBM Public Cloud

Designed, implemented, and facilitated cross-disciplinary research studies that connected product managers, designers, and developers to customers and end-users

2015 – 2018

Product Design Lead • IBM Public Cloud

Lead and mentored a team of product designers on how to map out the customer experience and touch points design can affect

2014 – 2015

Interaction Designer • Idean

Idean is a global design agency dedicated to delivering the best possible User Experience. Since 1999, it has helped thousands of clients around the world to maximize the value of their digital solutions. Concepted end-to-end experience, interactions and workflows for mobile and desktop

2014 – 2015

UX Designer • Klink

Klink is an app that allows users to store, sync and share files among friends and colleagues in their social networks. Refined Beta experience for nearly 200,000 users to prepare for wider release in Asia

2013 – 2014

UX Designer • BestFit Mobile

BestFit Mobile is an app design and development firm that specializes in creating mobile solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Ultimately, BestFit wants to create a partnership with their clients, so that the product reach is beyond the app and extends into costumer engagement. Concepted end-to-end experience, interactions and workflows for iOS and Android

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Working with researchers, designers, developers, and product managers in small startups as well as large enterprise teams, has helped to define a process that clarifies how and when we make decisions that impact the quality of the work we release.

Recent talks

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August 11, 2023

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February 15, 2021

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May 30, 2020

ADDC – App Design and Development
June 26, 2019

World IA Day – Austin
February 23, 2019


MWUX Conference
October 11, 2018

NERD Summit
March 17, 2018

TEDx San Antonio
November 18, 2017

UX Australia: Managing Design
May 12, 2017

THAT Conference
August 6, 2018


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It's surprisingly rare to come across a team lead who is both a great leader and mentor like Matt is. Matt was my design lead before suggesting I become a researcher when he took on the challenge to form a research team for IBM Cloud. Matt genuinely cares for his team and during difficult organizational changes he was our lifeline. He's created a culture of openness and trust among our team members, however the only thing you can't trust him with is an unguarded desk while you're on vacation – he is sure to find some way to pull a prank on you. My experience at IBM would not be the same without Matt and anyone is lucky to have him as a lead.

Angela Runge

Communicating insights is one of the toughest aspects of design, and Matt is able to effectively execute this part of product development. Rather than focusing on narrow problem spaces and relying on usability testing to validate designs, he harnesses generative research techniques to solve problems holistically.

Jennifer Wong

Matthew is a superb designer with proven talent and the creative spirit required to continually evolve in this field. He possesses a wild imagination tempered by technical skill - the perfect combination for an artist of his caliber!

Rondal Scott

Matt is one of the most well-rounded and talented people I have ever worked with. We have collaborated on numerous projects in the almost 2 years we have worked together and he never ceases to amaze me with his designs and ability to truly understand and meet clients' needs. Matt delivers awesome user experiences in both the web and mobile spaces and consistently contributes innovative ideas and concepts to every project. He would be an asset to any company or team.

Kari Grooms


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