about-matt-speaking AIGA event - how to break into Design

Speaking with Will Chau, Russell Toynes, Jennette Lemley, and Oen Hammonds at AIGA event “Tips for Getting your First Design Job”

Who is Matt?

I am a Team Lead at IBM. My day-to-day work is guiding / motivating a small team of designers and researchers at IBM, and help them navigate through a competitive Cloud and Security industry and a huge megacorp as it seeks to transform itself. Before IBM, I worked at two startups, two agencies, one small company and one giant company (but less giant than Big Blue). All of this experience has given me the opportunity to work with super talented people and amazing clients such as AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Symantec, and Royal Bank of Canada.

What else does Matt do?

Aside from designing and researcher, I consult growing companies on building an inclusive creative culture, coach aspiring designers on how to get started in the UX industry, and share any lessons I gather at local and international conferences. I’ve spoken at events such as MidWest UX, ADDC Barcelona, and TEDx San Antonio.

What is this site all about?

This site is my side hustle. I created this to act as a bookmark for my conversations on design and education that come out of my interactions with my colleagues and mentees. The goal is to perpetuate a culture of sharing and growth in a growing community.

How to get the most out of this resource?

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TEDx San Antonio - Class of 2017

TEDx San Antonio Class of 2017. Speaking about balancing skills and human connections in teams.

Matt Eng - UX Portfolio Class

UX Portfolio Workshop August 2016


Design Thinking Workshop with Jessica Tremblay and AIGA

Hey! I'm available for hire!

Want to work with Matt? I am available for speaking, workshops, and consulting.

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