Matt Eng

Matt Eng

How to assess your career level

Here’s a question I got from a former UX student who wanted to move up to a more senior role.
“Have you come across a solid resource for writing the equivalent of an elevator pitch for a mid/senior level UXer?”

This person basically wants to pitch why they are ready for the next level. A more effective approach is to actually research industry expectations for that role.

Here is my response.
Not a pitch deck – but this is what I have found to help outline levels, expectations, and your current skill set. So, this involves looking at a few sources, digesting, and self-assessing.

1. Start with job posts for sr. UX designers. Internal and with other companies that at least have a UX team with researchers.
2. Look at Career frameworks. Figma has a pretty good one that’s public.
3. Self assess. There are a few ways to even do this, but after looking at the job posts and career ladder. You can outline the skills you need to grow in.
4. Test this with someone that knows your abilities and work. Probably not your manager. You’ll see some gaps in your own perception and where others perceive you.

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