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It is hard to imagine life beyond the classroom. Towards the end of their studies, students turn their focus to applications but are unsure about what type of companies would be a good fit. I have worked at a few companies of different sizes, and currently, I am product design lead and UX researcher at IBM. To help get a better idea of life designing for a large enterprise company, here is a peek into my day at IBM design.

Starting out my day early

Waking up early at 4am and the lessons I learned

Waking up at 4 AM. Picture of the sunrise after my run.

  • Get up insanely early
  • Workout

why designers should care about journaling. Image credit:

  • Journal and draw>
  • Go to work and listen to audio book

Read more about my experiment of getting up at 4 am.

First 60 minutes of my day

My Day as a Product Design Lead at IBM

Checking email and calendar for urgencies

  • Check calendar, email, and Slack for anything urgent
  • Review Zenhub boards
  • Morning check-ins or stand ups

For the rest of the morning

My Day as a Product Design Lead - Checking Zen Hub

Checking on progress with Zen Hub

  • Meet with designers on current work

Productive lunches

My day as a product design lead - design lunches

Productive lunches and team bonding

  • Discuss pressing work with an upcoming deadline
  • Take team out for team bonding
  • Reconnect with designers outside of the IBM

For the rest of the afternoon

My day as a Product Design Lead at IBM - Design Reviews

Design Reviews with the team

My day as a product design lead - planning workshops

Planning an upcoming workshop

  • Check-in and guide designers on current projects
  • Plan a workshop or research session
  • Do 1×1 with my designers to discuss work and career goals
  • Jump in and design screens if needed
  • Prank a coworker who out on vacation
My day as a Product Design Lead - Desk Pranks

The subtle art of destroying your coworker’s desk

This peak into my day at IBM is one of many possible scenarios. Designers should expect to encounter different challenges. My hope is that this post communicates the complexities and nuances of working as a UX designer.

Matt Eng

Matt Eng

DesignOps Manager. Based in Austin,TX. Worked with clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ogilvy, RBC, Deloitte, Whirlpool, Polycom, Symantec, and Pebble. Matt teaches, mentors, and speaks about design, creativity, and fostering stronger connections within teams.