😎 Now

This page will show you what is going on with me ‘now’ as inspired by Derek Sivers’ “Now Page Movement.”

Last updated: 30 June 2024


Good Reads

What am I reading? I update my GoodReads regularly. It’s the one last social media account that has not been abused by whackos.

Current Book(s)

The Artist Way

Words in My Head

Every piece of plastic ever made is still on this Earth.

My Wife

Sounds in My Ears


We still like Spotify as a company, right? My wife and I still find it awfully convenient to find, save, and share. Here’s a song I have on repeat.

Big Love by Camera Obscura


I guess as a replacement for my parents’ never-ending news broadcast, we have turned to Podcast. Voices breathing ideas (some good and many bad) with plenty of commercial breaks. Here’s one that I have enjoyed recently.

I’ve been into this one that offers a nice ‘news’ break. Animals.

Work outside of Work

Comic Anthology Release

The Crab 🦀 Zine is done and there will be a reading in Philly with the Comics Accountability Club.