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Are you curious about the User Experience (UX) industry? Are you interested in actually getting started in the field but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of ways to either dip your toes or do a full fledge immersion. Before you make a large time and/or financial investment, explore some of the options below to see if you’re even interested in UX. Some of these courses only require a little extra time. If you’ve decided to that you’re going to make the switch, there are options that will allow you to study online, or at night, and still keep your temporary day job.

Dip your toes in the pool of online UX courses

Hipper Element - UX Crash Course - Online UX Courses

The Hipper Element
Pricing – Completely free.

Part 1: This is a 31-day program. Each day offers a new lesson about a different aspect of the UX process. This would be the best place for a beginner. You can begin to understand the language of the UX process, and how each piece fits into the puzzle.

Part 2: The Sequel! This part looks at the psychology of UX and helps you explore the question, ‘why we do the things that we do?’

Pricing – This is also free.

This offers courses from the best schools, such as UPenn and Stanford. It is very technology and code heavy. So, it seems to be more geared toward developer-focused students. There are some design courses. If you’re just starting out, I would not start here, but it’s great resource for better understanding the direction of the industry.

Pricing – Pay as you go model.

This gives you a peek into what UX is. Each course costs around $25 to $40. It is a great and affordable option for those looking to build a solid foundation in the field.

Pricing – Monthly fee for all the courses you can consume. Monthly fees start at $25 a month.

There are a lot of different courses that focus on different levels of understanding. This is a very popular platform that offers so many areas of study. The content is updated frequently, and there is never a shortage of courses to take.

Similar to Lynda – TreehouseSkillshare

Bigger Immersion and Bigger Commitment

Ideo U – Design Thinking
Pricing – This depends on the course you are taking. They range from $399 to $599.

Ideo Online UX courses

Ideo U is often credited as the originators of design thinking. These courses are roughly a month long. The focus is on conceptual skill building or “ideas to action.” Upon completion of these courses, students should be able to understand the process for ideating and prototyping.

General Assembly - Online UX courses

General Assembly
Pricing – Starting at $850 for a 6-week course. They offer payment plans.

They offer a wide variety of courses from online workshops to full-time bootcamps. The online or in person workshops are great for introducing people curious about the practice of UX. Bootcamps are designed for people looking to build their portfolios and change careers. The pricing reflects the level of commitment (time and money) the students have towards the study of UX.

If you feel you want to take the next step, read my post on user experience bootcamps.

Matt Eng

Matt Eng

DesignOps Manager. Based in Austin,TX. Worked with clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ogilvy, RBC, Deloitte, Whirlpool, Polycom, Symantec, and Pebble. Matt teaches, mentors, and speaks about design, creativity, and fostering stronger connections within teams.