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Tech companies are moving away from the traditional developer-driven products to use design as the center of their strategies. Designers now have a seat at the table. Increasingly they command the same influence as developers, and the demand for their skills continues to rise. When you’re looking for that new adventure and start shopping your work around, check out these five startups that set their foundation with design.

5 Innovative Startups Designers should follow Push Pop Press

PushPop Press was created with the idea of ‘re-imaging’ the book. By teaming up with Melcher Media and Al Gore, the startup wanted to change the face of publishing. Utilizing ways of exploring through images, audio, video, and interactive graphs, it makes it much easier for the reader to understand and consume information.


DIY is a community for children to learn, and play with other children in a safe environment. Kids can learn new skills, make new friends, and be themselves in a nurturing and educational space. The application does not tolerate bullying. In addition to encouraging children to be supportive of each other, the site fosters acceptance of other belief systems. The children’s identity is protected at all times, and the parents have control over who sees what.

5 Innovative Startups Designers should follow 955 Dreams

Called the “band of the day” app, it shows users new music everyday. This can be a wonderful way to cut through the volumes of new music. Based off of your preferences, it helps us discover new tailored content. It also helps independent and smaller artists promote themselves to develop a solid fanbase.

5 Innovative Startups Designers should follow Fuseproject

Fuse project provides resources that help foster innovation in business strategy, products, marketing and development for budding entrepreneurs.

5 Innovative Startups Designers should follow the ice break

The Icebreak is an startup geared towards helping couples keep the spark in their relationships. Couples can share moments, photos, and thoughts. They can also do quirky Q and A sessions.

Image Credit: Eric Bailey

Matt Eng

Matt Eng

DesignOps Manager. Based in Austin,TX. Worked with clients such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ogilvy, RBC, Deloitte, Whirlpool, Polycom, Symantec, and Pebble. Matt teaches, mentors, and speaks about design, creativity, and fostering stronger connections within teams.